Accessibility - Where are we now Mr Bowie?

Dear David Bowie, You may be one of my music Heroes, but your new website isn’t so much Rock n Roll Suicide as inclusive design murder. If the Pretty Things Are Going To Hell, your website is leading the way. In accessibility terms it’s Up The Hill Backwards. It’s so bad in fact that I Can’t Read it with my screen reader. There’s a skip link and a heading and that’s it, so Little Wonder I’m not Dancing In The Street about it. I know everyone thinks they’ll Never Get Old, but now you’re approaching your Golden Years the Reality is that you’ll probably benefit from a little accessibility yourself sooner or later. Don’t Be Fooled By The Name – Accessibility is a legal requirement in the UK, and your web designers should have thought about it In The Beginning. So how about making some Changes to your website? As a Starting Point make sure your Images have text descriptions. This is accessibility for Absolute Beginners, but it’s good advice and it’s Never Let Me Down. Actually, I’m Telling Lies. The accessibility of your website is so bad, fixing it will take Hours... Better to shatter it like Breaking Glass and start again. Trust me, you don’t want to Look Back In Anger when you think about all your fans who can’t enjoy your website do you? So if you want to get your website off the Low list, listen up Baby, Universal is the word. Make sure everyone can access your website (and your music), don’t leave any of your fans Outside in the cold! Thank you.